We are celebrating Easter in which the journey of Lent and the celebrations of the Easter tridum that we are living these days reach their climax. It is the most powerful moment in the liturgical journey of the Church, through which we celebrate our faith. Our Spiritual Father Saint Augustine writes in the Treatise, On Christian Doctrine (1,15): "The resurrection of our Lord from the dead and his ascension into heaven are events that we believe in and which strengthen our faith with great hope. He told us very clearly that he gave his life for us willingly, he who had the power to take it back. So how great is the trust with which we fulfill our hope, we who now believe, while we remember how much he suffered for us even though we didn't believe yet!" With these words Saint Augustine reminds us of the greatness of the gift of Jesus for us and the great provocation that this same gift should put before our experience of faith. How great was God's trust in us! How great was his love!

The great gift of Jesus to us before we were conceived, should arouse in us a genuine spirit of renewal that provokes us to focus on this God that we are called to serve. If He loved us so much, then how much more is it expected that we love, that we give, that we trust. And despite all this in which we believe, how many times do we find ourselves losing our trust in Him because of trivial circumstances. How many times we fall short of our love for Him and for each other and we seem to forget how much He loved us first. How many times do we fail to serve as much as is needed, and forget His unconditional gift for us. How many times do we fail to forgive each other and forget that God was ready to forgive and redeem us, even before we ourselves made the commitment to follow Him.

Despite our fragility, and the circumstances that make us what we are today, Saint Augustine reminds us that these events should "strengthen our faith with great hope". And he continues to tell us that "to comfort us in this journey he gave us a lot of his Spirit, so that even in the trials of this life we ​​are full of hope and his love even though now we are not seeing him; to each of us he gave particular talents for the building of his Church". The experience of redemption that we are celebrating is then directly linked to the hope and love that we have received and that we are called to convey to others. Only then can we convey the real joy of Easter freed from all the burdens we often create in life. Only then can we instil hope in others. Only then will we be faithfully living the experience of the particular call that God has made to each of us.

I wish you and your families a holy Easter. May it be for all of us a strong experience of genuine faith and hope in the Lord Jesus who has given himself for us to the end, and for us rose from the dead!

P. Leslie Gatt osa

Prior Provincial


In the beginning of March, the Prior Provincial, Fr. Leslie Gatt O.S.A. took part in a meeting of the Provincials of the South of Europe held in Madrid in Spain. The Prior Provincials of Malta, Spain and Italy, together with the Assistant to the Prior General Fr Javier Perez Barba O.S.A., discussed particularly the future of the Common Initial Formation Project. During the meeting, the Prior Provincials had the opportunity to visit the two Formation Houses of the Province of Saint John of Sahagun of Spain, in Valladolid and in San Lorenzo del'Escorial. In each community the Provincials also visited the respective theological institutes and held meetings with the directors of the Institutes, with the Formation Team, and with the professed students who practically come from different Augustinian circumscriptions of Asia, Africa and the Central America.

Between Sunday, March 26 and Wednesday March 29 then Fr Leslie took part in the meeting for the Major Superiors of the English Speaking Circumscriptions of the Order held in Sydney Australia. Superiors from various parts of the world took part in the meeting together with four assistants to the Prior General, including the Vicar General Fr. Joseph Farrell O.S.A. During the meetings they had the opportunity to share the particular strengths and challenges of their respective realities. These meetings also serve to discuss possibilities of further collaboration between circumscriptions of the Order in different countries. During this meeting, a very interesting visit was also made to the Saint Augustine College in Sydney.

The Provincial Commission of Augustinian Laity will be organizing a Penitential Celebration for the Augustinian Laity, on Monday, March 13, 2023, at 6.00pm.

 This celebration will take place at St Mark’c Church, Rabat. There will be several priests for Confession.

 Anyone who is interested is asked to talk to the Prior or whoever is responsible. Transportation will be provided.

Between March 10 and 12, fr. David Cortis O.S.A., Rector of Saint Augustine College, participated in a Meeting held in Madrid for the rectors of various Augustinian Schools in Europe. After the opening session, Fr. David made an interesting presentation about the work of our College here in Malta. Apart from the many activities carried out in the respective colleges, it is a wonderful opportunity that several initiatives of collaboration with other Augustinian colleges on an international level are nowadays being organized. This is a commitment which contributes to the strengthening of the Augustinian identity  and enriches the educational experiences of the respective institutions

In Europe, the Augustinian Friars have a good number of Educational institutions, mostly in Spain, but also in Ireland, England, Prague and Malta. It is worth saying that the Saint Augustine College in Malta, which this year will be celebrating the 175th anniversary of its foundation, is actually one of the oldest.

During the past months our year 6 students were busy observing and discussing the ongoing problems that planet Earth is facing and finding solutions on how to help and minimize such issues.

Through this project a good number of aspects and skills were explored and practiced. To begin with, the boys were encouraged to observe what is happening around us through various discussions, videos, newspaper articles, reading comprehension texts and information available online. In order to experience these issues first hand, in groups the students had to take care of a plant. Such plants were sown and assembled with wires to Kitroniks and Microbits; which were also coded with specific instructions. Every group used a different solution to water their plants with; each one of these representing the different environmental issues. Data about the conditions of the plants was recorded weekly with photos and bar graphs, until final conclusions were reached.

For the concluding stage of this project, the students were encouraged to think about the issues discussed, the data collected, and the conclusions drawn, and come up with a sustainable invention to tackle one or more of these issues. With the help of some parents, who gently volunteered to help, the students gathered different ideas into one sustainable structure. After researching, they planned and designed their inventions, and eventually they also built prototypes of such structures, using recyclable material. Throughout the whole process, the boys collaborated using their personal strengths and shared their ideas to reach a common goal.

To celebrate such an amazing educational journey, all the inventions were presented in detail by every group to their parents and other distinguished guests. The implementation and success of this project would not have been possible without the hard work and support of Mr Simon Peter Schembri, all the year 6 LSEs and teachers, the school assistant head Ms Veronique DeGabriele Ferrante, as well as Ms Roberta Trapani Maggi, Ms Pamela Fenech and Ms Natalie Lombardi Calleja from the secretariat.

Ms Daniela Buttigieg

Primary Teacher

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