Throughout the past few years, St Augustine’s College worked hard to help students in their Primary and Secondary classes to appreciate the environment. It was also at the forefront in encouraging students to take part in activities which help the environment and make better use of resources available.

Throughout the previous scholastic year, Primary school students, together with their educators and their parents, joined forces in order to embellish the gardens of the same school using used tyres. During the same period, all the students of the Primary school took part in the Rainbow Tyres initiative where a number of different tyres were painted to embellish the school. This is an inventive and creative way of encouraging and helping children to take care of the environment.

In the Secondary School, the Ekoskola Club of the College, together with the direct involvement of a committee of students helped by various educators, organised a number of initiatives which led to the award of the Green Flag which recognises schools which organised activities in favour of the environment. These initiatives include the raising of awareness on reducing waste, recycling, planting of trees in Pieta, as well as the writing of articles and photos for the Young Reporters for the Environment.

We would like to congratulate the educational community of the college in their effort to improve the environment.


On Wednesday 23rd October, at the Convent of St Thomas from Villanova in Pieta, the first meeting for young people who are interested in going on a missionary experience in Mozambique with the Amigos group next summer, was held.

For this meeting, together with the members of the Board of the Secretariat for Augustinian Missions, there were 9 youths who came to understand what this mission entails. These youths work in different sectors and they include a teacher, a policeman, a cook and a law student.

Fr Mario Abela osa together with various youths who help out in the Secretariat outlined the work that they will carry out in Africa. Those who went on this experience in previous years met the 9 youths and shared their experience. From their part, the youths who would like to embark on this experience had the opportunity to ask several questions. After the meeting, the Augustinian Friars in Pietà offered all those who attended some refreshments.

For more information about the group AMIGOS visit or the facebook Page: Amigos

On Thursday 17th October, Dr Anthony Abela Medici gave an interesting talk on his personal and professional experiences during the exhumation of the body of the first Maltese saint, Dun Gorg Preca, canonised by the Church. Several people attended this talk.

On Wednesday 23rd October, the Augustinian friars had a formation meeting led by Dr Nadia Delicata (the Archbishop’s Delegate for Evangelisation). During this meeting, the friars shared with Dr Nadia Delicata some of their ideas, dreams and difficulties which they regularly come across in the different pastoral realities they work in

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In an evening held on the 18th October, on the occasion of ‘Jum Ħal Qormi’, music by the Augustinian Maestro from Qormi, Fr Ġużepp Spiteri Fremaud, was played for the first time. The symphony which was played for the first time was loaned from the Musical Archive of the Augustinian Province housed at the Valletta Priory. The musical archive of the Province holds a priceless collection which includes works by Spiteri Fremaud who spent most of his religious life in the Valletta convent. In his early years, in the mid-19th century, he also taught at St Augustine’s College. He opened a school of music while, in the silent atmosphere of the convent, he composed beautiful musical works. Some of his students include renowned composers such as Paolino Vassallo, Antonio Nani and Ferdinando Camilleri. He was also Maestro di Cappella in all Augustinian Churches and also in the Parish of St George in his home town.

During this evening, the Mayor of Qormi Mr Renald Falzon presented the Province with a token of thanks for their collaboration in setting up the evening. It is a fitting tribute to our brother, Fr Ġużepp Spiteri Fremaud who is a worthy son of Qormi and of our Augustinian Family.

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