Let us create space for Jesus in our hearts

We are once again celebrating another Christmas with all the preparations it brings and with everything we have lived and accumulated along another year of life. All this makes this Christmas different from previous ones while the main purpose of the celebration remains the same. In the center is the birth of the little baby Jesus: The Lord who, wanted to take the form of a man so that we could be born in him. Even more than that, as St. Augustine put it, he gave us the possibility to take timely help from this second birth of his, while we follow in his footsteps. (cf. St. Augustine, Sermon 371,2) This is then a provocation for all of us as we celebrate Christmas, in the midst of the contrast created by wars and so many troubles in the world around us.

But the same contrast is created even by our internal 'wars'; the problems which we face in life, the burden that we sometimes carry and that which we sometimes create for others because of our attitudes, the lack of attention and appreciation of those around us when we think that everything should revolve around us. The invitation of the little baby Jesus is undoubtedly that to recognize your weaknesses, and kneel down before the Lord, your doctor. When we do so, with his humility he unites us with Him. What a great mystery we are thus celebrating and what a great gain we have if we really let this celebration change us. The greatness of all this is undoubtedly not because He needs to be elevated in his nature, but rather because we make a bigger space for Him in your heart. (cf. S. Augustine, Sermon 117,10)

Let us then genuinely ask what this bigger space in our heart should be? A heart filled with many things risks not having enough space left for Jesus. Let's really commit ourselves to a lighter way of living for our own sake and for the sake of those around us. We will than be able to better welcome Jesus, and moreover, let him change us and the world we live in. A heart filled with Jesus will surely be a heart that spreads peace and joy. This is the true meaning of Christmas that we are once again celebrating.

I wish you and your families a holy Christmas filled with the joy of this newborn baby Jesus!

Fr. Leslie Gatt osa

Prior Provincial

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