Meeting of the Rectors of the Augustinian Schools of Europe

Between March 10 and 12, fr. David Cortis O.S.A., Rector of Saint Augustine College, participated in a Meeting held in Madrid for the rectors of various Augustinian Schools in Europe. After the opening session, Fr. David made an interesting presentation about the work of our College here in Malta. Apart from the many activities carried out in the respective colleges, it is a wonderful opportunity that several initiatives of collaboration with other Augustinian colleges on an international level are nowadays being organized. This is a commitment which contributes to the strengthening of the Augustinian identity  and enriches the educational experiences of the respective institutions

In Europe, the Augustinian Friars have a good number of Educational institutions, mostly in Spain, but also in Ireland, England, Prague and Malta. It is worth saying that the Saint Augustine College in Malta, which this year will be celebrating the 175th anniversary of its foundation, is actually one of the oldest.

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