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Pentecost Sunday

Acts 2, 1-11; 1 Corinthians 12:3b – 7; 12-13; John 20:19 - 23

Read: Jesus blows the Holy Spirit on the disciples. On Pentecost Sunday the Holy Spirit descends on the Apostles in the form of tongues of fire. In our baptism we too received the same Spirit which binds all of us with the Body of Christ.

Pray: Pray for an increase in you of the power of your faith. Pray that the Spirit will rekindle our passion to live with God and for God. Pray for the gift and fruits of the Holy Spirit.

Reflect: The Holy Spirit is the lifeblood of both the Church and of every Christian. It is He who animates us and gives us the gift of the qualities needed for the benefit of society, helps us that our conduct is that of brothers in Christ, and binds us a one body in Christ. The Holy Spirit instils unity and consent between all people.

Act: Go for a quiet walk in the countryside, and feel close to all creation, whilst you thank the Spirit.

Seventh Sunday of Easter – The Ascension of the Lord

Acts 1, 1-11; Ephesians 1, 17-23; Mt. 28, 19-20

Read: The Gospel ends on a glorious note. The eleven disciples are joined happily together and with Jesus at the summit of the mountain. Jesus has power over everything and sends out the disciples to continue his mission throughout the world. “and see, I am with you always, until the end of time”.

Reflect: What a splendid end to the Gospel! The Church is initiated by Jesus who then passes on his mission to the eleven. Everybody is invited to participate in that mission.

Pray: Pray for the evangelization of all peoples. Pray that the Gospel be made known from one end of the world to the other.

Act: Pronounce the Gospel by the manner in which you live. So that your actions emerge from what you do believe. Jesus rose from the dead, ascended to heaven and now entrusted you with his mission. Alleluia!

Sixth Sunday of Easter

John 14, 15-21

Read: Jesus puts at rest His disciples’ minds that, when he is no longer in this world, he will send them help, through the Paraclete so that they will not feel as though they are orphaned and abandoned.

Pray: Let us allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in our discernment and in our decisions. Let us be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s inspiration in the normal happenings throughout our life.

Reflect: That we remain faithful to our Christian faith when the world entices us to do the contrary. This is not easy. The Christian is unable to live up to this faith alone but needs help. That is why Jesus answers that he will send the Holy Spirit as a genuine help so as to see that we live the Christian life to which we have been called. Where is my faith and on whom I am relying – on the spirit of this world or on the Holy Spirit sent by God and which is in me? Any why?

Act: Make an examination of conscience daily so as to see where God is leading you.

Fifth Sunday of Easter

Acts 6,1-7; Peter 2,4-9; John 14, 1-12

Read: The call to and specific mission of deacons. The common call to all Christians is for us to become living stone – spiritual temples – of God. Those who are called to carry out the same mission as that of Jesus.

Pray: So that we will be convinced of our dignity as God’s chosen. That we get rid of any doubts we may have as to the fact that we are called to be instruments in God’s hands so that His redemptive mission will reach all mankind.  Let us thank god for His trust in us.

Reflect: The Christian vocation is different from any other vocation: this because Christians are called by and are given a mission by God himself. The agent of that call and mission remains Him who makes the call. Jesus said: ‘Believe me! I am in the Father and the Father is in me. If for no other reason, do believe because of what He himself did. Believe me when I tell you that whoever believes in me, he too will emulate what I myself am doing and greater things will be done, because I am going to the Father’. Are we courageous and open enough so as to allow God to carry out His mission for us and through us?

Act: Consecrate this day to God and pray that you will be His instrument according to His will. Observe what will happen today.

He called each of his lambs by name (Jn. 10, 1-10)

Read: The parable of the Good Shepherd typifies faith. The lambs hear His voice and follow Him. The Good Shepherd promises security. He knows everybody by name. He is also the door, through which and with faith in Him, they enter.


Do you hear the voice of the Good Shepherd?

Does the fact that He knows you by name make you feel good?

Do you feel that God may be calling you to do something beautiful for Him and with Him? How will you become aware of this?

Did you ever feel in your heart something that makes you feel uneasy and makes you continue to search?

Is there a particular person to whom you feel you could offer help?

Did you ever read a quotation from the Bible that enriched your faith?

When you pray, do you feel that God is asking you to do something?

Did you ever meet somebody who encouraged you towards the call that God is making to you?

Do you feel that alone you are unable to carry out the call?

These could well be signs of God’s will for you. Reflect.

Act: Continue praying and speak to a person in whom you have confidence and who is able to help and guide you e.g. a priest or spiritual director. Feel free to phone for help 2122 2884 and ask for Fr. Terence Spiteri osa or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Second Sunday of Easter (Sunday of Divine Mercy)

Gospel according to St. John 20:19-31

Read: From behind closed doors (as indeed we ourselves are at present), God showed himself to the Apostles. He breathed on them the Holy Spirit and sent them on their mission. Eight days later He reappeared to them. On that occasion, Thomas, who had doubted the first appearance, was present with the other Apostles. This time he believed and he so declared; a belief that the Church recognises until this day: “My Lord and my God”.

Pray: Let us pray to God that He will always fill us with His divine life – that we do live in a state of grace.

Reflect: The Apostles’ doubts, especially amongst them Thomas, were never able to stop the power brought with it by Easter. Many were the events that were destined to happen. That is why God sent the Apostles to continue His mission. Their hour had arrived. As Lord God Almighty, he appointed others to speak in His name, to those who were previously weak and slow to understand. He was now ready to return to His father. His mission was now in the hands of others who were made capable to carrying out the mission assigned to them.

Act: Today is a holy day in which we should reflect on what God expects of us. Spend some quiet time with God seeking His help in directing your life towards something more sensible and that is fruitful.

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