St Augustine

St Augustine: the early years and as a youth

St. Augustine was born on the 13th November 354 in Tagaste (modern day Souk Ahras). The city of Tagaste lies around 100 kilometers to the South of Hippo (modern day Annaba), the maritime city of which St. Augustine had become bishop. These two cities are found in North Africa in the East of Algeria.

His parents were Monica and Patritius. Monica was a devout Christian, while Patritius remained a pagan until a little before his death in the year 371. After frequenting the elementary school in Tagaste, at the age of ten he was sent to study grammar and classical literature in Madawra, a city not very far from Tagaste. Around the year 369, the young Augustine had to interrupt his studies for a whole year because his father could not continue to pay for his education.

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Augustine, a Monk, Priest and Bishop of Hippo
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