A short questionnaire - 204 years of the Maltese Augustinian Province

On September 14, the Maltese Augustinian Province celebrates the anniversary of its foundation in 1817. The presence of the Augustinian Friars in Malta goes back much more than that, and for more than 600 years they were an active presence on our islands. In preparation for the 2022 Provincial Ordinary Chapter, which will be convened in early October, a short questionnaire on the presence and work of the Augustinians in Malta is being conducted.

This is a contribution we would like all of you to do to help us in our reflection in the upcoming Ordinary Provincial Chapter. Therefore, whoever you are, I invite you to click on the link here Online Questionnaire - Lay OSA and give your contribution. We assure you that it will be highly appreciated.

The questionnaire will remain open until Tuesday September 21. In the meantime we urge you to keep us always in your prayers.

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