The most wonderful contact...

The most wonderful contacts in life occur when the eyes meet, when the hearts open up and when we live experiences together. 

The most wonderful contacts in life occur when there is intimacy, genuine feelings, transparency and real comfort. 

The most wonderful contacts in life occur when our inner self is touched with blessings and our imagination continues to roam 


Every time we meet, dine together, work together, walk together; every time we feel each other’s pulse and enter into each other’s shoes……we realize that these are the real experiences of life. 

No virtual reality, no words, and no image can ever replace that which is truly natural and personal; although it is also true that they can help us establish contacts, build new friendships and allow our spirit enter the journey.  


In the presentation of this new website of our Maltese Augustinian Province, we wish to do this: namely to build living contacts.

Many people visit websites and other media to get news, information and other details. 

But to us, we would like all the information one can find in this website it to be a tool by means of which hearts can meet. 

In every varying kind of  contribution in the website  from history, architecture, formation, information and various activities, there are always traces that describe who we are and what is inside us like passion, enthusiasm and life that we would like to share with others.  


This is after all the basis of our spirituality that originates from God Himself who was made a man like us in order to enter into a relationship with all of us. This is further reinforced by the experience of St. Augustine: the man of life and beauty and proceeds in all of us Augustinian friars who not only consider ourselves to be the builders of communities but, above all, we see ourselves as people who know and wish to continue building wonder friendships and relations. This is upon which we share the most wonderful treasure that we carry inside us: God and life itself.


Fr Ray Francalanza OSA


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