Our fruitful trip to Kenya

Our journey started 9 months before we flew to the beautiful country of Kenya. In Malta, we planned several fundraising activities to collect money for Amigos missions in Africa. We had countless meetings and a live-in throughout this time in preparation for our mission together.

Soon enough it was time to fly some 2,900 miles to Kenya. Once there, it was impossible not to fall in love with Kenya. The nature was breathtaking. Apart from this, the Kenyans were highly educated and incredibly kind and welcoming. Their faith was also remarkable. They truly knew how to celebrate mass! All the singing and dancing was so soulful that you always left with a smile on your face.

Our primary missions in Kisumu, Ishiara and Mbwiru were to build houses for families in need. One such family needed a new home because their previous house was collapsing due to flooding. The flooding was occasionally so bad that they had to sleep in a tree! Another family consisted of a mother and 3 children all sleeping together in a very small tiny house. The father had passed away recently and with the children growing up, they needed a larger space where to live. Our hearts were filled with satisfaction and love seeing these houses come together. The families reciprocated with boundless gratitude.

When we were not building houses, we were giving out food to some of the poorest, and visiting school children. At the schools, we were welcomed in the warmest ways imaginable. We were treated like royalty, sung to and danced to. Some of the children got to see white people for the first time!

All in all it was an unforgettable experience and our biggest takeaway has been to show gratitude to everyone and for everything we have been blessed with in our lives.

Mariana Grima

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