Vocational Ministry Initiatives during the month of November

On November 13, the Augustinian Order celebrates the Feast of all the Saints of the Augustinian Family and the birthday of Saint Augustine. This day is also celebrated as Vocations Day. Although this year it fell on a Sunday and therefore the liturgical celebration was missed, during the month of November several initiatives related to vocational ministry were organized.

Monday, November 14 the Provincial Commission for the Laity organized a moment of prayer for Vocations at the Santa Rita Priory in Saint Julians. During this celebration, Fr Terence Spiteri shared with those present the experience of the various initiatives carried out, together with a beautiful reflection on the Gospel that accompanied those present in their prayers for more Augustinian vocations. A very encouraging participation of lay people from various Augustinian realities was present.

The Provincial delegate for youth work and vocational discernment, together with the Provincial Commission also organized several initiatives including a live-in for a group of young people who last year completed their education at St. Augustine College. The Live-in was held at the Saint Thomas from Villanova Priory in Tal-Pieta. Meanwhile, in the Youth Space located in the basement of the same convent, a Prayer Spaces initiative is being organized open to groups of Teenagers and young people who wish to come and live this experience of personal reflection and a walk of faith.

During the past few weeks the chaplaincy team of St. Augustine College organized also half-day visits for all the students of the secondary sector at the Saint Augustine Priory in Valletta. In this initiative, the students were welcomed by several augustinians who shared with them different different moments and experiences.

These are just a few of the initiatives organized with the intention of promoting a culture which appreciates the call for religious life and encourage the young people to reflect about their future. If you are interested to know more about the Augustinian Religious life or need any support to discern about your future, we can definately help you.



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