Step by step we arrived at Santiago...a 200Km walk

Early morning on 2 August 2022, a group of Augustinian youths started its walk from Viana do Castelo, in Portugal, towards the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Every day for nine days, we used to make an early start, loaded on our backs with all our possessions brought with us from Malta, advancing towards our destination. Before we left, we had thought that our destination was Santiago but, after the initial steps of our walk, we realised that getting to our next stop was as important as our aim to get to our final destination as only that way would we finally get there.

This was one of the first things we realised as running parallel to one’s life; everyone is walking towards God. We started every morning with a period of prayer and reflection and we used to seek a nearby coffee shop after walking for about three hours. This in itself reminded me how important it is that one finds even a few moments of silence in one’s life when one can nourish himself and reflect on where he came from and where he is going, and to plan the rest of his journey. During our journey we met various other pilgrims, all walking towards the same destination, yet all carrying with them their own bag of experiences and thoughts. We talked with many of these pilgrims and, during our walk, we appreciated the sea, forests and mountains but also love and respect that was shown by the pilgrims amongst themselves and towards nature.

There were those who were prepared to sleep out of doors as they were accompanied on their walk by their dog. This was an example to us of unconditional love; love that gives and expects nothing in return. The route chosen by us was characterised by various uphill paths. Some complained and were afraid of these stiff climbs but we soon realised that going downhill was even more dangerous. In one of the uphill walks that was paved with pebbles we saw the footprints of those who had walked there ahead of us. Those of us who chose to follow those same footprints suffered less. This fact reminded me also of the humility that one should experience in life and that, when one feels the need to seek help, one should quickly do so.

At last, we arrived at Santiago, but when we speak about this experience, we do not retain in mind only Santiago but all that we came across on our way towards that destination. This continues to strengthen the fact that the walk is as important as its destination.  Therefore, let us appreciate every moment of our life; let us appreciate one another (including those not close to us); let us help one another so that, one step after the other, everybody will arrive at the destination of one’s walk!

Typical Day during Camino de Santiago

Last Day of Camino de Santiago

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Charlon Abela

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