Meeting of the Augustinian friars after post-Provincial Chapter discussions

After the Celebration of the Ordinary Provincial Chapter that was held last March/April, the Prior Provincial continued discussions with the Provincial Council and with various friars individually. The work and discussions that normally take place during this period are a continuation to what was discussed at the Provincial Chapter and an evaluation is undertaken of certain changes that become necessary in the friars' responsibilities in particular communities. It was exactly within the spirit of these matters that, on Wednesday 8 June, the Augustinian friars met at the Augustinian Oratory Dun Ġwann Mamo at Ħal-Tarxien.

The meeting commenced with evening prayers. Thereafter, the Prior Provincial shared his thoughts on the work carried out over the past few weeks and concerning some proposed changes. Then he read the list of Formation of each Community, the Provincial delegates, and the resonsibilities assigned to other of the Province’s entities. Over the coming weeks other entities, involving various lay persons, will continue to be formed and approved.

Thus, the Provincial Chapter is being brought to an end. This website augurs fruitful work to all Augustinian friars in their respective responsibilities. Above everything, it would be very appropriate for us to keep in our prayers also all the Communities, whilst also praying harder for Vocations in the Augustinian Family. 

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