Augustinian Institute

The Augustinian Institute for Study and Research was set up by a decree of the Council of the Augustinian Province on the 20th March 1983. The Institute was set up with the aim of keeping alive the figure and teachings of St. Augustine by means of research, courses, teaching about life, writings and the legacy of St. Augustine as well as the Augustinian Culture.

The Institute was originally set up in the Augustinian convent of Valletta. In 1988 the Institute was transferred to a more spacious, central and accessible place, St. Joseph House (Pieta’)

In the year 2000 the Institute achieved international recognition as a Research and Teaching Centre of the Augustinian Order. Other Centres in Europe are found in Leuven (Belgium), Perugia (Italy), Palermo (Sicily), Wurzburg (Germany), Valladolid (Spain) and Eindhoven (Holland)

One of the aims of the Institute is to disseminate the teaching of St. Augustine and to create an awareness of the Augustinian tradition. Every year from September to December the Institute organizes a course for the general public which year by year is attracting a lot of people. Another contribution to both civil and religious culture is the translations of the works of St. Augustine being made by the Province together with specialized studies on this Doctor of the Church.

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