Let us from this day forward take more seriously all that is said to us by the Master Jesus.

4th Sunday of the year – Year B

Deut. 18:15-20; Psalm 94; 1 Cor. 7:32-35; Mark 1:21-28

Read: “And the Lord said to me: ‘……I will raise up for you a prophet like yourself, from among yourselves; I will put my words in his mouth, and he shall tell you all I command him’”. “On the Sabbath Jesus entered the synagogue and began to teach. His teaching made a deep impression on them because, unlike the scribes, he taught them with authority”.

Reflect: The Acts of the Apostles show us that, with the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, all the disciples became ‘prophets’ (Acts 2:17-18). Every Christian, enlightened by the Gospels, is able to discern God’s will and to pass this on to others. At times we hear priests, parents and Christian teachers say that they are disappointed because, according to them, when they urge their children to embrace Christian values, it appears that all falls on deaf ears.  Perhaps they question if the Word of God has lost its force? If the word does not change hearts and minds, then it is not the Word of God, but that of human beings. At times we preach to ourselves, and our own convictions, and we think that we are proclaiming the Gospel. The good exhortations and warnings that emanate from common sense and from the world’s wisdom, appear to be useful, but these never make wonders. Miracles happen only if the proclaimed word is that of the Master.

Pray: Pray that the Lord will fill us with His Holy Spirit so that we will not preach to ourselves, but hear His word.

 Act: If on problems concerning health; the economy, politics and other matters that all have an ending, we pay so much attention to what is said by experts, then how much more should we take cognizance of what is said by the expert above all experts concerning matters that are everlasting. Let us from this day forward take more seriously all that is said to us by the Master Jesus.



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