Love and justice should be the hallmark of all our actions

30th Sunday of the Year (A)

Ex. 22: 20-26; Psalm 17; 1 Tess. 1: 5c-10; Mt. 22: 34-40

Read: The religious authorities in Jesus’ time used to try their utmost to lay a trap  for Jesus so as to get rid of him. This time they asked him a religious question concerning the law but with political implications which they could then use against him. But his answer was valid both from a religious point of view as also from a civil one. The law of love is based on both divine as also human legislation.

Reflect: Jesus maintains the truth at all costs. Truth may well offend religious as well as civil authorities, but is subject to all forms of scrutiny. The more that those who were against him tried to trap him, the more Jesus showed up their hypocrisy with the truth that he used to expound. It is not surprising that they killed him. In this world, the truth remains for ever alone.

Pray: Love and justice should be the hallmark of all our actions. Let us pray for wisdom and prudence so that we maintain a balance between both.

Act: To be fearful and indifferent means that you are living a senseless life. Let us today choose to maintain the truth, and to live in accordance with the truth. Let us commit ourselves to stand up to the least of injustices that are suffered by others.

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