Jesus puts at rest His disciples’ minds

Sixth Sunday of Easter

John 14, 15-21

Read: Jesus puts at rest His disciples’ minds that, when he is no longer in this world, he will send them help, through the Paraclete so that they will not feel as though they are orphaned and abandoned.

Pray: Let us allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in our discernment and in our decisions. Let us be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s inspiration in the normal happenings throughout our life.

Reflect: That we remain faithful to our Christian faith when the world entices us to do the contrary. This is not easy. The Christian is unable to live up to this faith alone but needs help. That is why Jesus answers that he will send the Holy Spirit as a genuine help so as to see that we live the Christian life to which we have been called. Where is my faith and on whom I am relying – on the spirit of this world or on the Holy Spirit sent by God and which is in me? Any why?

Act: Make an examination of conscience daily so as to see where God is leading you.

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