David Cortis

  1. When where you born and where did you live? 

I was born on 26th November 1979 in Pieta’ and I was brought up at Burmarrad.

  1. Where did you receive your primary; secondary and post-secondary education? 

Initially I attended the St. Paul’s Bay primary school and then at the Lyceum Mikiel Anton Vassalli, Qormi. After that, I attended the Junior College, Msida. Thereafter I undertook a B. Com. course at the University of Malta where I successfully completed a B. Accountancy Hons. Course.  Then I started the Augustinian way and graduated as a Bachelor in Theology & Human studies and, later, obtained an S.TH.B, both from the University of Malta. Thereafter I obtained an S.TH.L in Pastoral Theology at ther University of Comillas, Madrid.

  1. When did you feel the call for a vocation with the Augustinians and what brought this about? 

The Lord is always sowing. Briefly, there were two particular moments. One was when in 2004 I was working with KPMG as an accountant/auditor and I was sent to England for three months. Shortly before that I had been given a copy of the Bible by the Burramad Parish and I took this along with me. This was of great sustinence for me during that three-month work experience.

Then, whilst I was in London during the same period in January 2005 I had attended a conference during the Week for Unity amongst Churches and the person delivering the talk asked various times how is one looking at his life? What are your plans? I returned to Malta after the end of February and those were the four months during which I felt a stronger influence of whether God was calling me. Then in July 2005 I went on a missionary experience in Brazil with the AMIGOS group (an Augustinian group with whom I got to know more about St. Augustine) and that experience was so powerful that this gave me the opportunity seriously to think about the question. After a period of discernment I made this step towards an Augustinian life.

  1. What do you like doing in your free time? 

In my spare time I like to listen to instrumental music, to read and to go on an occasional walk in the countryside. I wish I had more spare time!

  1. Can you mention an interesting book you read? What was the subject matter? 

I have been reading books connected with education both in Malta and abroad so as to seek help in my mission as a Rector at the Augustine College.

  1. Do you have a favourite quotation/saying? 

You created us for You O God, and our heart remains restless until it rests in You.

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